Monday, February 25, 2013

We have a visa!! (and 150+ pounds of luggage)

Well, tonight/this morning will go down in history as possible the only time I have literally run laps of happiness around my home... I finally heard the magic words - Jonathan's visa was issued!!

Here's the craziest part - we didn't even expect it to be issued until at least tomorrow, and possibly not until later. We were merely calling to get an update on our investigation and to gently prod (possibly, not so gently) the US Embassy in Kinshasa to get a move on our case (we have been waiting four weeks since Embassy appointment today). There was a lot of drama over the last few weeks about when/if our agency's visas would be issued for about ten waiting families. The US Embassy in Kinshasa is apparently extremely understaffed right now and some of the things that needed to happen prior to these visas being issued just weren't happening.

So tonight we expected, at best, a detailed update. At worst, to not get through at all. And we had a lot on the line with this call because I decided a little over a week ago to travel, with or without visa. I basically decided that we'd waited long enough and I would just tough it out in Kinshasa and maybe try to make best friends with some Embassy employees during my extended stay.

So now, instead, I can spend my first days with Jonathan getting to know him over the hundreds of handheld applesauce snacks I packed versus trekking it over to the Embassy each day to hang out until we got that one, oh-so-important stamp. And I can be almost absolutely assured that we will be back in the US in a relatively short time. The day that my entire family is under the same roof is, finally, not that far away.

I'm so happy that we've finally come to the end of this journey and can now begin our way more important journey of knowing, loving and raising Jonathan. This thirteen month pregnancy has gone on LONG enough!

Oh, and yes, please don't judge me - I do have over 150lbs of luggage. In my defense, much of it's donations, and the rest is food (I'm not sure gluten free is a very supported lifestyle in DRC, so I am packing to be on the safe side!). I should be pretty prepared, though. This might be one time where my over-packing actually is very useful.

So in less than a week, I can officially say I'll be holding my son. That is the most surreal and wonderful thing I could ever type on this blog. After years of dreaming of adopting, and over a year of looking at one sweet little face, we will all finally start the next phase in our lives. I cannot wait.