Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Little Guy...

We were able to get our first new picture of Jonathan (from a very kind traveling family) since July. He looks very much the same - still sad and serious and very handsome. This picture was taken just two days after his arrival to the Transition Home, so I am certainly not surprised that he looks so wary, but it still breaks my heart a little bit to look into his face and know exactly what he needs but not be able to give it to him. I've been a mother for over seven years and whenever one of my children has this look, it's because she needs me to scoop her up in my arms, hug her as tightly as I can, and tell her that it's going to be okay (and, yes, I still try to do this with my 7 year old!). It's so hard to look at this photo and not be able to do just that for my son:

We love you!


  1. awww, he does look like he needs a momma cuddle. Soon, very soon!

  2. Yes those eyes say Cuddle me mama... So many times I longed to step into the picture and coax a smile... imagine what his laugh would be like. I had a love/hate relationship with updates... I loved new pictures but they made the wait seem longer... Hang in there! Each day one step closer.... :-)

    Tessy at Divine Moments