Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Long Overdue!

Well, I can say that this post (and blog) has certainly been long overdue. My husband and I have been contemplating, discussing, researching and pursuing an African adoption for over 3 years now, but I've never taken the step to actually document our process. Now, as we look back over three years of twists, turns, and memorable moments, I'm sad that I wasn't more vigilant in keeping a record of our African adoption. This blog is a little bit of chance for me to rectify that as we are in (we hope!) the 11th hour of our long adoption journey.

Before I start to recall our journey over the next few posts, I'll tell you a bit about our family. My husband Adam and I have been together for over eight years and have lived in multiple parts of Virginia. We've now settled in the Piedmont area of Virginia with our two daughters, Hannah (7) and Emma (5), and currently own our own business, working in graphic design, Internet marketing, and web design (which makes it even more ridiculous that I've never started a blog before this point!). We love traveling together, spending time outdoors (especially at any beach that we can get to!), and constantly seeking out new, fun adventures. Adam thinks my constant need to be moving forward and to experience new things is sometimes exhausting, but also (mostly) exciting. It also ensures things never get boring around here! ;)

We began talking about international adoption in the year after our oldest daughter was born. Since early college, I remember having a desire to adopt internationally. The idea of embracing a totally different culture into my family, while also creating a family in a non-traditional manner really appealed to me. Adam had never considered the idea prior to my broaching the subject. It took months (a year?) of earnest discussion until he felt as comfortable as I did with the idea. And now that we have a referral picture and a possible court date, everything is solidifying for us, as we can both finally see the light at the end of a sometimes dark and uncertain journey.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff - our time line and process thus far. And then, hopefully news in the next few weeks about court. After that travel (yea!) and home. We are hoping to travel in August or September, but honestly, in international adoption, who can be sure of anything?

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